Please see below for the list of Exhibitors showing at ORA 2018.


2018 Stand  2018 Stand Number
Acom Int. R43
Adventure One Pty Ltd R51
All Sat Communications R30
Ansco R14
Aquayak Kayaks R49
Armstrong Imports R4
Australian Fishing & Outdoors R72
Australian RV Accessories H21
Australis Canoes R44
Beattie Matheson R91
BPM Australia Pty Ltd R17
C&A Outdoors H4
Cambur Industries R92
Campers Pantry H13
Coleman Brands H44
Companion Brands R34 
Concept Samsera R65
Darche Forecourt
Denstock R103
eXterrain H46 
Flow Imports Ltd H10
Frontier Equipment Pty Ltd R42
Groovy Gadgets H14
Hammer Lane Pty Ltd R67
Home Grown Brands Australia R48C 
Huss Australia R27
Industrial Tools H16
Injinji R22
JA Davey Pty Ltd R26
Jacaru H3
John Star P/L H53
Joolca Pty Ltd R55
Mako H26
Maxer International (Marity) R31
Maxforce Tactical H6
Merino Treads (Coal Point) R11
Michael Watson Design H20
Mission Sports R5
Mont Adventure Equipment R85
Multi-Sport Imports R12
Otter Box R40
Outdoor Connection R1 & R3
Oz Trail R38
Ozpig R105
Oztent Australia H58
Paddle Sports Australia R87
Paisley Hire P/L T/AS Fixmytear R32
Pelican Products R16
Powa Beam Pty Ltd R101
Qalo H5 
Rainbird Gondwana/Textile House R66
Rainsaver Gutter H22
Rosbert International R53
RPM Innovations R58
Sea to Summit R64
Sheldon & Hammond R82
Sherpa Outdoor R56
Sitro Group R96
Skanfriends Pty Ltd R60
Skye Group/ Columbia H15
Smarttek R89
Spelean Pty Ltd R96
Sperling Enterprises Pty Ltd R108 
Spika R63
Stackhouse Sales R39
Summit Global H18
Supa-Peg H8
Supex Products R18
T I Trading H24
Tacspo Distributing Pty Ltd R8
Tawonga Distribution & Imports R50
Velo-Vita Pty Ltd (Deuter) R77
Viver Brazil H25
Waters Beyond Distributor H9
Westbrands R7
Wild Magazine H7
Wilderness Wear R41
Yeti R45
Zen Imports R2

Please see below for a list of the current 2017 exhibitors. For in depth individual listings please consult the show guide here.